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Why Going to Crete in September is Even Cooler

Where can we even begin?

From the weather that finally is perfect- just hot enough to be comfortably Summer?

From the ever lowering prices pretty much everywhere you go, even the luxury hotels?

From the cheaper air fare?

September turns Crete not only into the paradise it is all year long, but also into the most accessible, comfortable, custom-made experience at the best budget you can possibly get: Everywhere there is a bonus in September: you always have ample room at the beach, with beach umbrellas and sunbeds empty, waiting for you, wherever you go enjoy the now warmer sea and seaside; you get even better service everywhere simply because with fewer tourists, your hosts can dote on you more; the queues everywhere are much shorter or non-existent, and you can enjoy the sites without being crowded by other vacationers; everything just is more comfortable and even more relaxed all around.

Just picture how more photo opportunities will present themselves with the clearer skies and calmer seas exactly thanks to September and the mellowed out summer- the perfect energy booster to prep you for a productive winter- with the bonus point that September is not a dieting season, so you can enjoy all the Cretan delicacies with far less guilt!

Tl;dr: You combine the best of everything, at the best prices with the best service!

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